Ari Weisberg is PD6’s Juvenile Division Director who works out of the Public Defender’s Clearwater office. He is a board certified specialist in juvenile law and works closely with PD6’s Crossover Program. Read below to learn more about this program and hear what it means to Ari to help children in need.

“The PD6 Crossover Program prides itself on reducing the number of teens that cross over between the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. This benefits our youth by finding them stable homes while keeping them out of trouble, but also benefits our community as a whole by reducing the number of youth in expensive group homes and detention centers, while reducing the disproportionate representation of youth of color in both systems. Knowing that we are the one consistent adult advocating for the express interests of our teens is extremely rewarding.”      – Ari Weisberg

Thank you, Ari, for being a valuable member of the Public Defender’s Office. We appreciate everything you do to safeguard children in our communities and across the state of Florida!