Hot off the presses! The Sixth Judicial Circuit’s 2020 Performance Report has just been posted on its website, To say the year was like no other, in light of the pandemic, would be an understatement. Still, much was done. For instance, the circuit was awarded many federal grants, including one designed to help victims of sexual assault who landed in drug court. Mention is also made of the circuit’s efforts, and, in particular, the efforts of its court technology office, to switch to remote hearings once the Florida Supreme Court put a halt to most in-person hearings once the state began reeling from the effects of COVID-19. And then there are the numbers — of the troubled teens evaluated through the circuit’s behavioral evaluations program, of those ordered into a batterer intervention program, of the hearings conducted to decide whether someone needed to be held for 72 hours for psychiatric evaluation. There’s even a link in the report’s table of contents that shows five years’ worth of statistics on the number of cases disposed of, whether they were in the criminal, family law, probate or some other division. Here’s the link to the report —